What an Ass! Picking a donkey in a crowded horse race

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This is the first in a series following the 2020 Democratic Presidential primaries

Winter’s on the wing in Trump’s America: 2019. Spring officially arrived with Wednesday’s equinox. The trees are blossoming. Temperatures are swinging from one mad extreme to another faster than the President’s tweets. We’re all breathlessly waiting to learn if Mueller saw a shadow and how many more months of insanity we have to suffer through.

The Democratic field continues to take root, and wow it’s a bumper crop this season. At latest count, we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,020 claimants to the Resolute throne.

You may have heard the news this week that Andrew Yang is more than 2/3 of the way to qualifying for this summer’s debates. Whether you met that news with a hearty 🥳, 🤬, or 🤷🏾‍♀️ – this series is for you.

From the Democratic cast of thousands, anywhere between one and two dozen are considered to be serious contenders.

Which is great, considering we had fewer Democratic governors in 2016. 

That’s real news. Dems had gubernatorial control over 18 states on November 8th. When Hillary addressed a shellshocked nation, we were down to 16.

A few pundits are saying Dems have too much of a good thing. I’m not one of them. Sure, friends and critics may argue that I often struggle to recognize when too much is enough. But I do know it’s hard to get a party going with a guest list of three. You might have a thought-provoking discussion between friends, sure. But not a history making rager that everyone is dying to join.

Put another way – if you’re at a singles mixer with only two options, you’re probably going to start looking at the bar across the street.

To be sure, the primaries are a long way off – there are almost 12 months until Super Tuesday. A lot can change from one week to the next [see: Gary Hart]. The unexpected is now inevitable [see: 11/08/2016]. Today’s front runner may have no business in the race tomorrow. 

That’s fine – we’ll learn a lot by the time we get to the debates, and it’s better to have alternatives than settle for an imperfect candidate. Besides, nothing energizes America quite like a televised competition.

All I’m askin’ is for a little respect when we get home. Remember that it’s a diverse party with a common set of ideals. We have a lot of big personalities, each with their own roadmap. But the destination is essentially the same, now more than ever.

Because look – If you’re hunting Dracula and your wooden stake proposals get outvoted by a garlic and sunshine platform, you better slap on some sunnies and get your team onboard with bruschetta. Or we’ll all be singing Hail to the Count for four more years.

Each week I’m going to explore another angle of the horse race and how the candidates advance those unifying Democratic ideals. Maybe we’ll get lucky and figure out who best represents the big tent. At the very least, I hope to highlight the common ground that must bring us together by the time we get to Milwaukee.

So come back next weekend. I’m going to look at the current field and how our embarrassment of riches can bring the country back to its patriotic roots.

Unless there’s any Monkey Business on the trail before then, in which case anything goes.

2 thoughts on “What an Ass! Picking a donkey in a crowded horse race”

  1. Wow. I believe you’ve masterfully blended “fun” and serious together. Not only did that help keep me interested, but it helped allow me to actually remember [more of] the content. I’d like to ask how did you come up with all those idioms/metaphors? Because that “riff” with Count Dracula was awesome!

  2. My mind dialed up the Emperor when I first read, “What an ass!” Great post Trav. We are very lucky to have you. May your donkey be strong and prosperous. 😛

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