Trump needs to be impeached and removed from office

I had the opportunity to take in a lot of Michael Cohen’s testimony this week. Republican official made me gag, as usual, for their hypocrisy and lame attempts to make the hearings about the messenger while completely ignoring the issues laying bare right in front of them. When the history books are closed on this sad, sad saga in our history I think it will be clear that the Democrats taking back the House of Representatives in 2018 might be our saving grace.

I’m not going to get caught in the weeds of details and partisan horse manure. In the wake of Cohen’s testimony I have come to this one conclusion: Donald J. Trump is a farce and a con artist and he needs to be censured by Congress and removed from office. Even if you want to take Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation completely out of the equation, the standard for impeachment is clear: high crimes and misdemeanors.

We are here…as a nation of laws and a society and standard bearer of democracy and freedom. Donald J. Trump needs to be impeached by the House and the Senate and removed from office. If you just want to pare down the list to the two issues of felony financial fraud and regularly pressure public officials to deter the Mueller investigation, he should be removed office. This president’s conduct and crimes rise to the level of being stripped of the privilege and awesome responsibility of being leader of the free world.

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