I heart Rachel Maddow

I have been an avid fan of The Rachel Maddow Show for years and years and years. The show is probably the best liberal political and news commentary show on all of cable. If you need or want a clear and concise breakdown of the complex landscapes that abound today watching her live on MSNBC weekdays 9pm E.T. Her ability to talk very difficult and muti-layered topics and break them down in a form that is easy to imbibe and connect the dots of other story lines and issues lying under the surface.

We live in a very serious and I think dangerous time in our young history of our nation. Our democracy is being attacked and challenged and eroded each and every week under Imperial Emperor Donald Trump. Make time to sit in her graduate class each every evening. You’ll be smarter for it and much more keenly aware U.S. Citizen.

Check out the official Rachel Maddow website after the jump!

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